Review: Stillborn ”Crave For Killing”

Review: Stillborn ”Crave For Killing”

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Stillborn – “Crave for Killing” (Godz Ov War Productions)

Some early Stillborn work has recently had the reissue treatment from Godz ov War Productions but this EP takes the wraps off four new songs. That’s not to say that Crave for Killing is bright and breezy of course. Make no mistake, this is a gloves off affair, an almost bestial listen which ignites from the instant Killer’s frostbitten growls launch into ‘It’s A Sinner. As they crash straight into ‘To Be’ the heat is ratcheted higher, while the prodigious drumming of August is an aural battle all of its own.

Stillborn have been found in the darkest crags and corners of the Polish underground scene for the past 20 years, and following an extended period of absence re-emerged with the Testimonio de Bautismo album in 2016. Alongside this new EP, Godz Ov War have also reissued two of the band’s early demo cuts. The song Crave for Killing first surfaced 20 years ago on Stillborn’s Mirrormaze demo and this updated twist is no less frantic. Killer sinks into the mire of misery with extended larynx shredding roars that come straight from the stomach.

The fact that you can’t detect much difference from the band’s original cuts with the new material confirms that Stillborn’s savagery has not diminished with age. It’s as rabid and raw as ever and judging from the saliva that you almost have to mop up that flies through your speakers, they’re hungrier than ever. The final two tracks have Polish song titles but that’s the only difference with ‘Korowód’ another caustic cauldron of death metal with screaming riff surges that it’s best to take a step back from in the interests of self-preservation.

But while the full venomous charge extends to ‘Staroświeckość We Mnie Jest,’ the final number is at least extended the courtesy of an instrumental intro and even a brief death metal prog twist mid song. Are Stillborn finally showing signs of human warmth? Yeah, right! Prepare to have your fillings removed and then placed back in, although not necessarily in the same place they came out. Go get ‘em Killer!

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