Review: SUMMON (U.S.) “Dark Descent of Fallen Souls”

Review: SUMMON (U.S.) “Dark Descent of Fallen Souls”

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SUMMON (U.S.) “Dark Descent of Fallen Souls”

Not to be confused with the Portuguese band with the same name, this is a US band, and this is a re-issue of their 1997 debut, Dark Descent of Fallen Souls. And it’s getting a vinyl release for the first time.

If you take a trip down memory lane, to 1997, you’d stumble upon a few big hitters from that year. Particularly from the likes of Emperor, Borknagar, Gorgororth, Kampfar, Windir, Ulver and Dimmu Borgir.

As Summon are also classed as Black Metal, it would be a bit unfair to put them up against their European cousins, because basically, they wouldn’t stand a chance. Also, I don’t think this is a pure Black Metal album.

The vocals are most definitely Black Metal and I hear the odd “Satan” spewing forth, so lyrically we are there too. But musically, this dips in and out of Death Metal and also what I term US Metal. The meaty stuff that the likes of Slayer and Pantera dish out, and also a bit of Thrash. Mainly towards the end of the album. So this is more like Black Metal on steroids, with the Metal content higher than the Black.

But taking the album as a whole and taking into consideration that it’s 20 years old, it has stood the test of time very well. And if I didn’t know any different, nothing would stop me believing that this was a brand new band/album.

I’d also say the band were very forward thinking as they included a “midtro”… which 20 years on, I don’t know of anyone else that’s thought of this inventive idea.

So a nice slice of history for those that missed out on this originally. Nothing ground-breaking, but still worth a listen.

The bands Facebook page seems to be dead… so for more info, check out the label:

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