Review: Tankard ”One Foot In The Grave”

Review: Tankard ”One Foot In The Grave”

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Tankard- One Foot in the Grave

How many of you metalheads know what Tankard really is? As German descent, I learnt in my early age what is that mysterious cup my grandfather brings every time he comes back from Germany. At the moment I would like to drink a bear more than anything from one of tankards I have at home, since I am writing this review on beautful 40°C (no I am not in Africa, only in Serbia). As I have to go to work later it seems not the best idea, so instead drinking I will focus myself on Teutonic metal band Tankard.

One Foot in the Grave, 17th album, celebrates 35 years in metal. Respect!

This is not typical Tankard album. And what is typical Tankard album? Mostly fans see the band as funny German fellows whose world is turning around the beer. Truth. But not 100% truth. They can be serious.

In 35 years long career Tankard wrote socially engaged lyrics, but this time pay attention. You will find more socially engaged lyrics than ever before.

The world is changing, so One Foot In The Grave brings us critique of religion (“Pay To Pray), US President “Lockem Up or social media “Arena of True Lies”. “Syrian Nightmare points on anger on political situation in the Middle East.

You wanted the beer? You got the beer! In case you need a break from serious themes, than “Secret Order 1516 is the right choice.

If you still wheap for those funny guys you know, you will not be disappointed. For you, special One Foot In The Grave. Guys are facing their age through sarcastic lyrics.

Northern Crown (Lament Of The Undead King) at some segments can easily trick you to think the owners are Grave Digger not Tankard.

“Don’t Bullshit Us!” again represents Tankard we know the best. That characteristic humor you can recognize in the middle of the night. Same I can say for Sole Grinder.

The Evil That Men Displayflirts with punk and reminds me of early Tankard work.

As a part of Big Teutonic 4 (Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Tankard) it does not surprise at all when you realize listening Tankard new album that it is, I won’t say influenced, inspired by modern Kreator sound. At the other hand, more classical heavy metal melodies are involved that tends to 80’s sound.

Overall, Tankard lyrisc have great melodies, easy to remember and hard to forget.

One Foot In The Grave is not the end of Tankard existance. In next 35 years they are capable to deliver us at least 17 high quility thrash metal albums. Cheers!



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