Review: Tarantist “Not a Crime”

Review: Tarantist “Not a Crime”

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Tarantist “Not a Crime”

Here’s next proof that any government on the world can’t control thoughts of people. Playing in Metal bands in Iran is forbidden and you take real risk if you decide for activity like that. Well, paradoxically it only makes scene stronger and more consolidate. Real lovers of Rock or Metal must be determinate to do something, but example of TARANTIST shows that it’s possible. The fact is that since 2008 guys live in the most populous city of California – Los Angeles. But first years of group’s existence took place in basements of Tehran. And believe me, that it isn’t any figure of speech which Persians used in their biography to impress people of the West and show how brave they’re!

During these seventeen years they released short stuff called by them EP and three full-lengths. There were of course several gigs in meantime.  Of course these ones in their country had to be played secretly. But they played also on several festivals in Europe and North America. On ‘Not a Crime’ you’ll find fourteen songs of Alternative Rock. There’s only one thing which from time to time can be connoted with Metal and this is vocal. Bassist Arash and guitarist are responsible for this. Anyways, mostly we have with clean, sometimes somehow melancholic voice to do here. I have no idea how it is in your case, but for me Persian lyrics adds to this something… Hm… I will not use the word ‘magic’, but it sounds nicely for sure. Riffs are very often roundly and moody, they also change quite often. But sometimes guys show that he can play with claw, too. And even if technical displays take place rarely then we’re able to hear that both guitarist and Arsalan know very well what playing this instrument is about. Drumming here is probably the less variable what doesn’t mean that he beats monotonous and without any idea!

Well, this is very specific music (even if we can rather easily find some strong influences here) and this is surely not for everyone. You’ll absolutely don’t find here brutality or aggression, but since a lot of Metalheads like from time to time to listen to strange sounds I’m sure that Persians will find new fans between you!

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