Review: AN ASSFULL OF LOVE “Monkey Madness”

Review: AN ASSFULL OF LOVE “Monkey Madness”

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AN ASSFULL OF LOVE “Monkey Madness”
Boersma / Soulfood

Saarbrücken is the biggest city of German state of Saarland and its administrative, commercial and cultural center. There’re many educational and scientist institutions. Something about 180.000 people live there. Anyway, it has long history with roots in times before Julius Caesar conquered Gaul in 1st century before Nazarene.

Over there in 2004 the band was formed. Then there were number of successful gigs, releasing of ‘Prepare For Loveshock’ and so on. Well, I know that you didn’t get many biographical facts here. But the problem is that the only biography of the band which I found was in German which I can understand only a little. But nevermind. The most important is music, doesn’t it?!?

‘Monkey Madness’ contains twelve compositions of energetic music. Just like our German friends say this is connected with Punk Rock and 80’s rock. But I hear influences of other music genres here, too. Guys use term ‘Glam Punk Rock’ and there’s something in that. I mean, in my opinion here’s many Punk Rock, but this more about this melodic one turning into Post Punk or even Ska what I’m listening to. Songs have rather easy, and surely easy-going, structure. But even if this is very melodic it’s impossible to don’t feel energy which is in them. Slower fragments happen really rarely, by the way. Some riffs especially in “Allergy For Stupidity” reminds me Polish Punk Rock band which existed between 1989 and 1996. If you’ll want to get know what band’s name is then just contact me. Generally Sascha (lead) and Nico (rhythm) play guitars various, but don’t play in some technical displays. Here’s power the most important! The same I can say about Florian (drums) and Bernd (bass). Their play is variable for sure.

Daniel sings mostly energetically and with Rock claw, too. Well, to sum up this is very fine music to relax. There’re dose of power, it’s energetic and melodic in one time, so we can’t complain on that. I’ll surely listen to ‘Monkey Madness’ from time to time – when right mood will come. But now going to listen to something more brutal and less melodic!

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