Review: The Black Legacy “Black Flower” [Argonauta Records]

Review: The Black Legacy “Black Flower” [Argonauta Records]

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Heavy biker Rock’-n’-Roll with some Blues, Southern and Dark Country isn’t solely American music for a long time, just like bikers themselves. Lots of famous and underground bands all over the world play this timeless music, ignoring “fashion” and other modern stuff: they play it just because they like it! Young Italian band The Black Legacy is also one of these.

The Black Legacy was formed in 2018 in Milan. Die (vocal), Alberto T. (guitar), M. Pepper (bass) and Joe Von Taine (drums) are long-time members of Milano bike and rock scene, so just after two years the band already release their debut longplay album Black Flower. “It’s been a long awaited dream of creating a personal sound in the wake of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Black Label Society or Queen of the Stone Age to name just a few.” Drummer Joe comments. ”Our first album which we started to record in the summer of 2019 will be finally seeing the light of day this Spring, and we look forward to hit the road to promote it. We’re determined to deliver a dark, intense sound, smash the audience with a wall of heavy riffs, and ultimately, to take no prisoners. So, saddle up your iron horse and come to join the Legacy!

Seems that musicians were inspired by Black Label Society the most: heavy riffs are greatly played here with some blues motifs and as the result we have solid songs with interesting and technical solos – Alberto T did a great work here. Sometimes there is some Southern Metal can be heard (“Endless Roads”, “My Last Day”) or the heavy version of Dark Country with the catchiest chorus in the whole album (“Queen Of Green Hill”).

I also see some lacks in this album like its sameness: most of the songs here are middle-paced and played by the same pattern. But on the other hand you can’t expect something really new or outstanding, it’s just good heavy Rock’-n’-Roll. Die’s vocal is also gets too high as for me sometimes and music loses its brutality which is important.

But overall, bearing in mind that this is a debut, it’s a good, solid and qualitative album. And I really hope that the next one will be a bit more various.

Black Flower was released on April, 24 via Argonauta Records.

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