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My first encounter with The Ruins Of Beverast was the 2009 masterpiece, Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite and two albums on from that wonderful album, we have Exuvia, which is, and I quote “… a vessel of constipated lethal bacteria, loading an atonic fluid, a venomous substance of colours, a marsh of florescence”

What is it with mainman Alexander von Meilenwald and his love of bodily fluids?

So moving away from shit and spunk, it’s time to talk about the music.

If you’ve not come across…. sorry, scrub that (semen) pun… if you’ve not heard The Ruins Of Beverast, they are a band that you really need to experience. For me, they are one of the few unique bands that everyone should immerse themselves in, at least once in a lifetime.

How do I describe their sonic aura? It’s like being hit by the deepest bass sound since Type O Negative, and shrouded in a Doom meets Black Metal hybrid that oozes atmosphere out of every pore… he says, sort of going back to bodily fluids.

Clean, almost choral vocals clash with Black Metal rasps and the music, can, at times, follow a similar path, especially on Surtur Barbaar Maritime… which is the musical equivalent of four seasons in one day, such is the diverse mix of tones and styles… one minute it’s intense, the next it’s mellow… but it’s always engaging.

As the album progresses, a Native American style is included more and more… in the first half of the album, it’s only briefly included in the title track. This is mixed a number of styles, including a sonically charged psychedelic piece that I think Hawkwind would be very proud of… although I doubt they could segue straight into pounding raw Black Metal.

I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but expect the unexpected with this album. The different styles that are melded together side by side, really shouldn’t work. But every tweak and every nuance is a perfect fit, surprisingly.

There are two things I’ve not mentioned yet. The first is that every song on this album is an epic. Six songs in about sixty seven minutes is testament to that. The other, is that throughout the album, probably because of the deep bass and sometimes the vocals, I get a sense of 80s Gothdom… so you can add Gothic to the ever increasing list of styles employed.

Honestly, I can’t praise this album enough in terms of boldness. The constant mish mashing of genres could easily have resulted in a complete mess. But it’s ended up as yet another masterpiece for The Ruins Of Beverast.

This shit is very addictive….

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