Review: THESE HANDS CONSPIRE “Sword of Kohan” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: THESE HANDS CONSPIRE “Sword of Kohan” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Berlin is huge city with a lot of monuments, cultural institutions and so on. There’s also many Metalheads who create own music. Some members of this Metal army are: Paul (bass), Sascha (dr), Tom, Stefan (both guit) and Felix (voc) who created some time ago T. H. C. Unfortunately I have no idea when they did it. I know that they released demo in 2013. But how long time before this date they existed… Hell knows!!!

But the most important for me always was, is and always will be music. Guys call it Heavy/Doom Metal. Well, I can easily hear here Heavy Metal! But Doom?!? Hm… Maybe they mean intro and outro with that?!? Maybe they mean lyrical site of their creativity?!? The only connection which I can find is voice of Felix which reminds me unfortunately already dead vocalist of TYPE O’NEGATIVE sometimes. But from other side he was singing in CARNICORE before and music of this band hadn’t ANY connotations with Doom. To be honest I’m not sure if T O’N had some clear ones, too…

But music has this in itself that everyone can call it in other way, everyone can have other impressions, feelings… And all are right!!! As I sad Germans play Heavy Metal. The fact is that this is a little different one than English school. It’s not so melodious or to say it more precisely: these melodies have other character, aren’t so brisk. Guitars are here of course very important (what is normal thing in Metal or even Rock), but I can hear clearly and, at least it’s my impression, more intensively bass. In general music is mostly in low tempos, we have here a little climate, dark climate. But it still has nothing to do with Doom Metal in my opinion! Probably it’ll sound in a little derogatory way, but here happens too much as for Doom Metal. I mean one of main attributes of mentioned genre is more or less depressive, monotonous riffs and drums. Here we can hear that riffs changes quite often, besides guitars are pitched in normal way. By the way, from time to time I have feeling that I probably already heard some of them somewhere. Well, this is only impression, but… From other side that’s good sign – even we Metalheads like the most this what we already heard. Sascha plays also in very variable way – passages and changes are order of the day.

OK, end of bullshits!!!! The most and indeed the only important statement here is that it’s good stuff where music will don’t bore you for sure!!!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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