Review: YGODEH “Clinic Of Maleficent”

Review: YGODEH “Clinic Of Maleficent”

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YGODEH “Clinic Of Maleficent”

Who say that immigrants give nothing to England?!? As I noticed it’s just the opposite. I’ll ignore economic and social aspects – it’s not place for writing about this right here! But if you’ll take a look, even quick written, on music than you’ll see what I mean. I’ll tell you more: you’ll agree with my thesis!

The best example for that is YGODEH (of course not only, but we talk about this band at the moment, so…). To let formality to happen I have to add that band was formed in 2009 in Daugavpils, Latvia. Now headquarter of the band is capital of mentioned above country. The fact is that we have only one member from original line-up – Piton (guit. samples, programing), but it seems that he’s a main person here. He also plays in band from his home-town which’s name DISEASE.  Anyway, in YGDEH play three other members of this band (so it seems that it’s also from London now and they’re also immigrants) and one guy who was born in United Kingdom – Serberus (Andre S. Cura) – vocals.

As I see in biography and first of all hear band is created by experienced musicians. Music can be named just like guys do it – Technical/Progressive Death Metal. But I think that it’s a little (or even a little more than a little) too shallow. Well, the fact is that I never liked term “Progressive” – especially with reference to Metal. But it’s maybe only one of my peculiarities… In all cases it happens really a lot in this music and even very choosy listener will find something for her-/himself. Well, lovers of superfast tempos and “vomiting” vocals will don’t be satisfied. Reason is easy – there’s nothing like that here. Music is rather “calm” and in middle tempos. Guys of course now very well how to play faster, but do it not so often. There’re a lot of guitar passages, technical, broken riffs which sometimes even makes impression of cacophony. It seems like guitarist couldn’t decide what to play. Also bass using by Stalker, drums which is under control of Vadoss or inserts on “strange” and “non-metal” instruments which come hell know from where (it happens rarely, but in least expected moments what only intensify feeling of disharmony – especially that they’re “unmelodic” and even if they’re than they become after few moments at least strange) don’t simplify the case. Vocal is of course mostly growling, but in the same time it makes complete this, I’ll don’t hesitate to use these words, psychedelic climate. Well, to be honest – it’s not easy music and it can be annoying for somebody who likes, let’s say, easier sounds.

But for me this music is really interesting and I like it! I’ll listen to it maybe not as often as to stricte Death or Black or Thrash bands, but… I think that I’ll have right mood to do it quite often.

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