Review: Tombstoner “Victims of Vile Torture” [Redefining Darkness Records]

Review: Tombstoner “Victims of Vile Torture” [Redefining Darkness Records]

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Are you ready for some kick ass super-heavy death metal? Something brutal and fun with lots of energy through and through? Because that’s what you’ll get with this album.

This album combines a bunch of awesome death metal elements: speed, heaviness, evil, pretty good growls, an energy and anger that never dim, which create an unexpected catchiness and a sense of fun to the music. Because of its unbelievable energy and speed, I almost don’t want to call this pure death metal, it does have obvious elements of heavy and thrash metal, and even some industrial touches.

One of the best examples of those elements used by the band, and one great opening that shows what the album is all about is the title track. This one, with its eerie keyboard intro, super heavy and yet catchy verses, and relentless evilness, has to be heard to be believed. But don’t fear, it’s not the kind of album where the other tracks aren’t as good as the first one.

Others do keep the same astonishing energy and brutality through and through. For proof, there’s the heavy and explosive Breaking Point, which has a nice bass line too. Or Sledgehammer and its call and response between growls and higher, raspier screams, relentless speed and weird heavy breakdown in the middle. Fractured Souls has both a sinister sound and an awesome guitar solo. There are also some nice, really fast and mean tracks like Grave Dancer or Frozen in Fear. But the really special tracks, aside for the first one, are the apocalyptic, heavy and sprawling Armageddon, a death/thrash monster with a slower and weirder middle, and the super-heavy Trepidation, where the lyrics are chanted in a demented growl before frantic keyboards and violin sounds come in. That’s a nice bunch of tasty and evil tracks.

OK, so maybe this album is similar to others I’ve reviewed and I guess I repeated myself a little in that review, but it’s just so awesome! A bad ass album to headbang and feel like a horror villain 41 minutes of fun. Listen to this one if you want a real breath of energy.

Release date: July 30, 2021

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