Review: Turbocharged “Apocalyptic”

Review: Turbocharged “Apocalyptic”

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Turbocharged “Apocalyptic”
Go Fuck Yourself Productions

So, this is time to visit my new country again. This time we’ll visit the towns called Forshaga and Kil. In both places together live not more than eleven thousand people. Some of them are of course Metalheads who create own music. And I’m sure that every fan of extreme Metal should know one of TURBOCHARGED’s members. This is Ronnie “Ripper” Olson who played many years in such band as VOMITORY (1989 – 1996) and GEHENNAH (1992 – 2008, 2011 – 2013). In TURBOCHARGED he’s responsible for bass and vocal since the very beginnings of the band in 2000.

His way of growling says us (at least me) that an old Swedish school of Death Metal is what he was growing up and what’s is in his blood. It’s wild, with Satan inside and generally just like it should be. We have also possibility to hear how well he can play bass. These “solos” doesn’t take place too often, by the way. Anyhow, guys call their music Deathpunk Metal and I’ll tell you that this term mirror quite well what happen on fourth full-length (besides there were five demos, two splits, compilation and EP which in my opinion is just one more album – contains eleven songs and takes more than twenty five minutes) of our Swedish brothers. In general, this is pure old-school Death Metal what is hearable in guitar’s track. Nicklas “Old Nick” de Melo plays brutally and riffs are as broken as they should be. There’re some solos of course and more melodic riffs, but they’re only something what spice the music. And the thing that connects this music with Punk is way of drumming, I think. Freddie (Fister) beats energetically and at least from time to time typically for Punk Rock. Actually I connote it sometimes even with old good Grindcore. I hear cymbals practically whole the time.

By the way, music is of course variable what means that you’ll don’t be bored of that. Tempo often is middle-fast (first of all because of possessed drums beating), also a bit slower parts aren’t something rare. Riffs and passages aren’t maybe too complicated, but in such music there’s something else more important than unproductive displays. Besides, if someone listens to this careful enough will recognize musicians’ technique very well. I like ‘Apocalyptic’ very much and that’s why I’ll dig deeper and get to as many TURBOCHATGED’s stuffs I’ll manage to do.

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