Review: Machine Gun Kelly “No Easy Way Out”

Review: Machine Gun Kelly “No Easy Way Out”

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There are some heavy music genres that formed long ago, like hard’n’heavy or rock’n’roll, for example. But what to do, if you really love this music? The answer is simple: just play it (however, it’s a kind of multipurpose answer for any musician). Even though you’ll hardly say something definitely new. And quite possible that Italians Machine Gun Kelly (do not confuse with a rap artist) think this way, releasing their third album.

Formed in 2000 in Savona, Italy, Machine Gun Kelly start to play covers on Motorhead, Alice Cooper and Saxon, recording some demos and promos at the same time. Label searching, line-up changing and all the stuff inherent to young bands delayed the release of the first album ‘No Place To Hide’, which seen the light of a day only in 2010. Next album ‘Lady Prowler’ was released in 2014, and now, in the beginning of 2018 there is the band’s third LP ‘No Easy Way Out’.

In nine tracks and short intro “Broadcast Humanity” there is nothing especially new and innovative, just old good Hard Rock and Hard’n’Heavy with some touches of Accept (“Broadcast King”, “Aileen”) and Black Sabbath; the latter refers to the ending track “The Boogeyman” with strongly marked bass line, smooth riff and fast solo.

With this, there are lots of catchy moments in an album: in the “Eye Of The Storm” and “No Easy Way Out” choruses it’s very easy to sing alone from the first listening.

Of course there is a ballad in an album, “Hard Times”. A nice thing, although such songs were written a lot, especially in those days when Glam Metal was at its apex.

Well, the main hit in an album, as for me, it’s a catchy “Nothing Ever Changes”; quite simple in its structure, but it’s a merit. It can be played by any radio right now.

And in conclusion I want to remember that “beauty is in simplicity”. It doesn’t mean that some complicated for common perception Progressive and Psychodelic do not have the right to exist, no! But Machine Gun Kelly prove that catchy, memorable and groovy music can be done without some special tricks.

No Easy Way Out’ was released on January, 30 via Sliptrick Records

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