Review: Unchristian Christian “Sulphurfeast”

Review: Unchristian Christian “Sulphurfeast”

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Unchristian Christian is a Swedish one-man band and this is an overview of an album entitled Sulphurfeast. My best description of this is death metal with an avant-garde twist and with moments that remind me a little of H _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ (because I don’t like comparing).

I always take my hat off to someone who has enough talent to play all instruments well enough to put it all together in a recording that for many would be enjoyable I’m sure. There are also some really tasty riffs and hooks, but… as talented as what Christian Ludvigsson aka Unchristian Christian is, there is a ‘but’…

I find almost every avant-garde metal recording I have heard to be too much or too weird for me. I battle with it. But that’s just me. This is definitely going to be appreciated by others but it’s not for me. I also feel the vocals could be better and seem to carry on too much, leaving one grateful the album comes to an end. At first the production and sound is a little thick and dense, but after multiple listens, it actually suits the music.

A conclusive overview is:
Christian Ludvigsson is a talented individual except falls short vocally. There are some really nice riffs on this album but get overshadowed by the vocals, which is for me the biggest issue with this record.

Is it worth a listen? I will always advocate you do, especially if you enjoy a little avant-garde thrown into your music.

Til next time.

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