Review: Ungraved Apparition “PULSE_0”

Review: Ungraved Apparition “PULSE_0”

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Ungraved Apparition “PULSE_0”
Satanath Records

Yekaterinburg is one of four the most populous city in Russian Federation. This is not so old one because was founded in November 1723. There’re of course some monuments, but famous event in history was probably when Bolsheviks executed the last Russian tsar and his whole family in June 1918.

Anyways, in this huge city live of course Metalheads. Some of them decide to create own music – just like it happens all around the world. In 2014 three of them found UNGRAVED APPATITION. After few months another two ones joined them and the band was complete. Guys started to work on own music. In 2016 they conducted series of concerts and entered the studio to record just reviewing album.

I read in press kit that ‘Pulse_0’ is in some way a concept full-length. Well, as I see we have here to do with concept band. Image which guys have many people will connote with Gore Grind for sure. And this connotation is of course right, but not in this case. I mean, lyrics´ topic (written in Russian) would belong to any Gore Grind act because they’re about painful surgery experiments and stuff like that. But this is mission impossible to find something common with mentioned genre in music of our friends. They call it Dark Metal, by the way.

Well, this term in my opinion is extremely broad and says even less than ones like Heavy, Death, Thrash and so on. From one side we can tell about creativity of Russians that it’s in some way calm. But when I’m using this word I don’t mean some simple, easy going melodies or something! I’m talking here about tempo which’s almost whole the time slow-middle. Anyhow, it surely has some dark climate. Micky Babossa and Bones Taker don’t play various as hell, but it’s also not repeating whole the time the same two or even five riffs. You’ll don’t hear any solo or other displays, but it happens quite a lot on this field here. And who cares that there’s nothing complicated in that?!? Not me, by the way! The same is about Paul’s Kas drumming. Well, I think this is a little bit more variable. You’ll don’t find here any radical speed-ups, but some passages and stuff like that – yes. Leon Kratt plays bass nicely and as various as structure of songs let, too. Some contrast to rather calm music is vocal. Damned presents mostly deep growling. All this give interesting mixture which isn’t so easy to describing by some term.

I definitely can hear here elements of Death or Doom Metal, but also touches of other kinds of our beloved music. As I said before it can seemingly seem for monotonous, but it isn’t – it’s enough to listen to these thirteen songs carefully to notice that there happen quite a lot. Oh… I forgot to tell you that almost every song begins from some shorter or longer intro which correspond with lyrics’’ topic.

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