Review: UNTERVOID “Untervoid”

Review: UNTERVOID “Untervoid”

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UNTERVOID “Untervoid”
Osmose Productions

Poland has a great metal scene – they’re on the map and they’re in your playlists. Now two seasoned specialists, drummer Adam Sierzega (formerly of Armagedon and Behemoths’ live drummer no less) and guitarist/vocalist Konrad Ramotowski (formerly of Hate) have joined forces to create a titan in Untervoid.

Released by Osmose Productions on Jan 24 2018 with 4 tracks totalling 24 mins. This is post Black Metal that may have you reassess the way things can be done.

Starting ominous, the way it means to proceed, ‘Messer’ renders its jagged guitars in razor tones. Vocals kick in and the whole thing smacks of a hymn to something black. Messer is clean and discordant together, shining like the black star that it is. The vocalisation of ‘Messer’ is bloody menacing… and it made me smile a whole lot.

‘Twilight’ – Guitars poke and leap out, frantic and foreboding. A marching drum beat, hammering its way into tremolo picked chaos, mournful and angry vocals –time change, march onwards again, into…

‘Radiant Divinity’ – I cannot deny the outright nod to Ihsahn’s work here, the opening riff styles are straight out of the Emperor hand-book and that’s no bad thing. It’s embellished upon and with despairing laughter and screams it turns into an almost operatic sounding nightmare. These vocals are just perfect for Untervoid. Time change; It’s building, climaxing and then the decent comes. You’re falling into…

‘Inner Shrine’ is Untervoids’ last stand here and with a theatrical but distant sounding vocalisation it really stands out. There’s some fantastically heartfelt lead guitar work in this track and some classical guitar riffs too… It’s all played with soul, maybe a damned one.

Original indeed but I have to draw some comparisons in this type of work. Think of Ulver and Garm, Emperor and Ihsahn and last but not least, the French unknowable. This is grade A stuff. More to add to my playlist – Thank you Untervoid!

Would I call it Avant-Garde or Prog’? It touches a bit of both in all of the right ways – They get their twist on and this dark triumph renders perfectly which, in the end shows Untervoid are bringing their own black magic to the scene.
These tracks require some serious listening… so get your headphones on, close your eyes and revel in the dark they’ve created.

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Score 85%
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