Review: Megaherz “Komet”

Review: Megaherz “Komet”

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Whatever happened to Megaherz during all 25 years of the band’s existence – line-up changes, a bias to a electronic samples or contrary, making an accent on a solid guitar sound, one thing remains unchanged: a pedantic approach to music creating. And their new album ‘Komet’ is an additional confirmation of this.

A cover, made in 60’s pseudo-soviet aesthetics symbolize not an ideology (just trust someone who saw a ruthless communist PR with his own eyes a little bit), but an endeavor for the stars. Something that can be only seen, but to touch it in a future. The self-titled “Komet” shows it best: the catchiest song in an album, quite smooth and rhythmical, she calls not to ruin something, but to strive to up and build.

However there are not only high aspirations in 11 songs of an album: dark and powerful “Horrorclown” and “Nicht in meinem Namen” are written on much more mundane topics: wars, politics, and as a result – disappointment from where we are now and where we are striving to get.

But if we’ll talk only about the music, then ‘Komet’ is a great example of Neue Deutsche Härte. It’s deep, it’s dark but very lyrical at the same time. Solid guitar sound here can be interlaced with absolutely dancing electronic samples, and it’s not only within the same album, but also within the same song (“Scherben bringen Glück”, “Trau Dich”). So, I dare to assume that the album will be quite pleasant not only to fans of the genre, but also to people who are far from it.

‘Komet’ will be released on February, 23 via Napalm Records.



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