Review: Vassago “Storm of Satan” [Nuclear War Now! Productions]

Review: Vassago “Storm of Satan” [Nuclear War Now! Productions]

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Is this the ultimate album of Satan? Well, it may not be the best thrash-influenced black metal album you’ll ever hear, but it’s definitely enjoyable.

The album kicks things off with a pretty good opening track, starting with eerie choir singing and turning into a fast paced, fierce black metal track with pounding drums and snarly vocals. It’s a really good introduction. As the album progresses, you’ll notice that for the most part, the other songs keep a similar wild energy and some nice thrashy riffs, and they’re all named (something) of Satan.

I’m not sure if that’s funny or a stupid gimmick, so let’s focus on the music instead. Like I said, it has some wild energy. “Evil of Satan” really thrashes, “Grind of Satan” is really heavy and has a great rapid-fire vocal performance, “Elite of Satan” has a great main riff and a nice speak-scream delivery, “Mayhem of Satan” has an absolutely crushing main riff and chorus, much like “Storm of Satan”.

The album’s fast and fierce riffs make it a highly energized, kick ass experience. It’s a lot of fun. Because of the satanic references, the thrash influence and the overall aggressive, but fun sound, it could be described as a sort of modern update of Venom, with weird raspy and evil screams instead of raspy singing. The album also feels like a homage to old horror movies, because of, again, the satanic content, and the cover displaying skulls and a ruined castle by a stormy night. Some musical elements are also part of that atmosphere, like the eerie choirs on Darkness and Elite, or the somewhat slower and stranger Metal and the creepy recitation at the end of Sign.

I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect album, even if you’re looking for a musical equivalent to a cheesy horror movie. The songs often feel like slight variations on one same idea instead of fully using the creative potential that the band clearly has. And again, every song being named of Satan can get a little silly and make this album accidentally funny. But there still are some good things to be found on this album. Mostly, it creates the satanic horror mood pretty well, and it has a rather enjoyable and catchy mix of black and thrash metal. That’s a lot of stuff I like, so this album earns a little place in my heart. It may not be unforgettable, but it’s still a good time. It’s a nice, fun but not great album.

Release date: August 1st, 2021

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