Review: WALKING STONE GIANTS “The Sons of Gaia”

Review: WALKING STONE GIANTS “The Sons of Gaia”

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Those of you who’re interested with ancient mythology and know who it was Gaia, already know, or at least suppose, where this band is from. Yes, this trio created in 2013 (actually this is quartet since some time, but the guys recorded an album in three) comes from Greece, precisely Thessaloniki. Guys played some gigs in their country and also in Dublin with several bands, also really legendary ones. But if you think, what is maybe even prima facie after reading tittle of the album, that they play any kind of Black Metal then I have to disappoint you. This band is another proof that music of 70’s is still alive and we’re onlookers of its renaissance.

You’re able to listen to eleven songs of Heavy Metal with huge Rock contribution. We surely have to do here with a classic Heavy or even more Power Metal. Music is highly inspired by Stoner and Doom, something you shouldn’t mistake with. So this is clear that guys play as on Metal standards calmly. This is powerful enough of course, but you can’t expect any speed-ups and stuff like that! Janis shows his not so little abilities when solos come, by the way. Anyhow, in general riffs aren’t specially complicated, but always create easy-going (for Metalheads and other bastards like that) melody. At the same time power and energy emanate from them and they also change quite often, even if “Dimachaerus”, for example, has structure which can be recognized as rather monotonous. And one of the songs is interesting played cover of Sixto Rodriguez.

Well, Greeks don’t play very classically and there’s nothing unexpected in this music. We haven’t some eccentric solutions here. But that doesn’t mean that guys create something secondary! Their music maybe is unoriginal in some way, but you can also hear life in that, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this album isn’t fresh (has been released almost two years before), so some new stuff is in progress and soon we’ll can enjoy it, I think. Fans of such playing, times when Heavy Metal was in very early phase of its developing surely will listen to Sons of Gaia with pleasure. I’m doing it, too, by the way.

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