Review: Where The Sun Comes Down “Welcome”

Review: Where The Sun Comes Down “Welcome”

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Where The Sun Comes Down “Welcome”
Minotauro records

Is there anyone who don’t know at least the name DEATH SS?!? I think that even if there’re individuals like that, they’re in vast minority. This band exists with some breaks since 1977. Why I mention just this cult in some circles Italian band?!? Well, the answer is very easy: some time ago one of DEATH SS‘ founders (by the way, this “SS” in the name isn’t connected in any way with Nazi military from times of Second World War, but they’re just initials of band’s vocalist – Stefano Silvestri better known under English version of his name: Steve Sylvester), Thomas Hand Chaste (Tommaso Castaldi) together with Alex Scardavian (PAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE, actually PAUL CHAIN how the band was renamed in 1987, STRANGE HERE) decoded to create common project. As special guest participates here Claud Galley (DEATH SS founding member and PAUL CHAIN V.T.) on bass.

And let’s be honest, the second band where Alessandro play fit in with W. T. S. C. T. snugly. The first thought which crossed my mind was “I didn’t heard something as strange as this band since long time”. Well, there’s nothing strange in that because I never was and I’m still not lover of such music. Music is in slow tempo as well. Guitar’s playing we can easily associate with Acid Rock and all what evolved from that. It’s both about riffs and quite often and long solos. Well, there’re also fragments when it’s psychedelic. But Alex doesn’t only play guitar in this project, he also sings and play keyboard (that used here in rather vestigial way). He’s vocals, of course clean and mostly it’s not only in its way depressing, but even psychedelic. Somehow I have connotations with LOU REED – at least sometimes. Sometimes it reminds more some desperate sing-scream. Tommaso drums very massive, even if it’s in slow tempo. Sometimes it can sound a little monotonous, but that’s only semblance. In fact it’s various and really a lot happens on this field. Of course he uses cymbals as well. I think that they add to music even a little more of twisted character. What’s about Cludio Galeazzi (Claud “Zombie” Galley) his play on bass is the same strange. But hey!!! Strange in this case is a compliment.

I’d really like to recommend these seven songs to everyone. But it’d be a lie from my side. I mean, this is good album and if we’ll listen to it carefully enough we’ll don’t be bored surely! But music like that isn’t for everyone. Well, to be honest I guess that circle of listeners of stuff like that isn’t huge. But those who like playing like that will love this.

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Bart Tomaszewski
Score 92%
92 %
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