Review: NECROT “Blood Offerings”

Review: NECROT “Blood Offerings”

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NECROT “Blood Offerings”

From the rotted minds of Necrot comes “Blood Offerings”, an eight track full length release that is riddled with diseased riffs, skull blasting drums and monstrous vocals to provide you with a whiplash inducing death metal experience. Each track is a ripping and healthy dosing of gnarled and scarred death metal that you can’t help yourself but to head bang into oblivion to. Necrot waste none of your time at all as they get right into the meat of their record immediately and keep the death barreling at you at mach five for the remainder of the record. Not once does Necrot slow the beatings down as they shovel fetid track after fetid track upon you until you are buried neck deep in rotting death.

“Blood Offerings” is nothing but straight up punishing death metal for eight straight songs. And with longer run times it just gives Necrot more time to lay you to rest in an early and shallow grave. Each track is filthy, disgusting and twisted and once you begin listening you become trapped under all of that filth and malignant noise. Necrot leaves no room to breathe within “Blood Offerings” as they roll out track after track without so much as a second in between for you to catch your breath.

Necrot does a great job of getting you involved early as they get you headbanging and twisting your neck immediately. Each song is undeniably heavy and blood thirsty as they all aim right for your throat the second you begin each song. “Blood Offerings” is a putrid offering of death that is raw, unfiltered, filthy and down right heavy. Necrot doesn’t skip out on the brutality on their new record as each song is a face shredding and flesh ripping death metal anthem that just does not quit until you have been completely rid of your life.

“Blood Offerings” is a solid record that supplies you with more than your daily dose of death. From the musicianship to the vocals all the way to the production, “Blood Offerings” is a great and solid listen that you end up having no problem putting on repeat.

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