Review: Witnesses “Doom II”

Review: Witnesses “Doom II”

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NYC based experimental metal project Witnesses crafts a stunningly beautiful piece of music on newest release, Doom II. An emotionally resonate affair that infuses a slowed down doom tone with ethereal alternative notes, this something really special that I fear words will not do justice.

Mastermind Greg Schwan outdoes himself here with an album that pulls hard on the heart strings of the listener while maintaining a heavy groove that keeps the blood pumping. Enlisting the help of vocalist Kody Ternes and instrumentalists Matt Kozar and Scott Loose, Schwan conducts his orchestra brilliantly. Tracks sway from full on metallic assaults to painfully emotional movements, Doom II covers ground all across the musical spectrum.

Standout tracks include the emotional gut punch of an opener, On This Black Ocean. With notes of a modern post-black metal washing over the heavier sections, the real showstopper here are the verse sections. Emotionally wide open, these are heartbreaking, vulnerable pieces of music that simply cannot be ignored. Follow up, I Hope Their Prayers Aren’t Answered, ups the already impressive level of creativity immensely, with absolutely gorgeous ambient sections that could leave you in tears if you let this album consume you the way it wants to.

Witnesses have an album of the year contender on their hands with Doom II. Musically diverse and emotionally vulnerable, it’s just a goddamn good piece of music. I really don’t care to say much more about it, because it will do no justice to the work. It’s a masterpiece. Listen to it. You will regret it if you don’t.

Release date: May 31st, 2020

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