Review: Wizard “Metal In My Head” [Massacre Records]

Review: Wizard “Metal In My Head” [Massacre Records]

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Is metal in your head? It will be, by the end of this enjoyably epic and over-the-top heavy metal album.

What can you expect from this album? Lots of adventures, catchy verses and powerful choruses, and an overall big, epic and bombastic feel. Of course, I’ve already reviewed a lot of albums that could be described that way, and I wouldn’t say this one is the best album in that style I’ve ever heard, but it definitely has its moments.

Take for example the first track, which starts with a monologue about darkness, and becomes an ambitious epic about bringing light into the dark. I’d say this one feels the biggest, and is one of the catchiest of the album.

There are also three tracks about the band’s love for metal: Metal Feast, Metal In My Head and 30 Years of Metal. Metal Feast is a somewhat generic but fun heavy metal anthem, with a cool guitar solo. Like most songs on the album, the chorus is sung by the whole band, which gives it a bigger and more epic feel. Maybe this is necessary, because the lead singer’s voice is also somewhat generic, though still enjoyable.

The title track is a lot more memorable, having some of the fastest and most powerful riffs of the album, and a great call-and-response chorus. This one and the self-empowerment anthem 30 Years of Metal or the badass Destiny, Firesword and Years of War prove what the band is capable of when they’re not messing around. Another nice song that deserves a mention is Whirlewolf, a simple and heartfelt tribute to a friend who recently passed away.

However, many other tracks are not that memorable. Victory starts with some pretty cool fast riffs, but it just lags around in the last minutes. Most other tracks do sound good, but they’re not really exceptional. They start good enough, but I honestly lose interest after a while.

So this album is made of various heavy metal anthems, some pretty good and some not that memorable. It’s the kind of album that’s enjoyable but won’t change your life. There’s better, but there’s also worse. This album can get a little boring sometimes, but there’s still a lot of good stuff on it. And Metal In My Head is perfect. So try this one, but only if you’re curious.

Release date: February 19, 2021

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