Review: Worm Shepherd “In The Wake Ov Sòl”

Review: Worm Shepherd “In The Wake Ov Sòl”

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We begin here in instrumental that converges into the heavy bringing on a haunting feeling and depressive overtones that continues thrusting the blades deeper into your soul as one ingests this masterpiece of a debut album from newcomers Worm Shepherd and it just never stops killing.

Periods of Intense Black Metal infused with technical Death Metal and Slam. Keyboards are used along with harmonies. Not much is missing here. A lot of effort went into crafting each and every song. I love the heavy drops that just slam you like a ton of bricks. Ultra heaviness and groove are sectioned into the songs perfectly even further setting the mood. Awesome use of the dark guitar notes on this skull fracturing debut album. Other than great writing and skill presented by the guitar and Bass we have amazing drummer on this. Nothing here is over done. His drum fills and rolls are perfectly placed. It’s obvious the drummer can grind and blast all night but saves it for when the beat is warranted. Once you hear these heavy slams you will be as hooked as I am. This band can hold its own against any of the most popular and talented from both the Black Metal and the Death Metal scenes.

The track “Ragnarok” further in again begins with such crazy and over the top guitar riffs that swiftly drops into Hell and then crawls back out.

Later on the track “The Emptiness Between Stars” is so depressing yet wonderful. This band has managed to skillfully combine styles here.

One major stand out most evident is the vocals.

Man, I really have to say this vocalist is hands down the best I have heard in a long time. His lows are some of the sickest I have heard. The only band I can think of that would give you any idea is a sign of the swarm and maybe at times Dimmu Borgir. It has a lot of the great keyboard elements one would expect from a Dimmu Borgir and possibly Cradle of Filth. The different variations of vocal tones here moving effortlessly from one state to another is completely mind blowing. Artwork is great, recording is top of the line and musicianship is well above average. I fully expect this band to become something great. If you enjoy some of the most guttural vocals around and sickest demon death scene style Black Metal voices straight out of The Evil Dead Movie you ever have heard placed effortlessly into ultra heavy and brutally fast and Technical Metal band I Absolutely cannot recommend In The Wake OV Sol enough. So dark and evil, so damn heavy with sinister melody. This is so damn good… great song intros as well making this even more interesting.

Release date: December 25, 2020

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