Review: Sintax “Nano 3000” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: Sintax “Nano 3000” [Sliptrick Records]

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In 2015 Israeli Thrash/Groove Metal band Sintax released their debut album Sway For A Better Day. It gained a lot of fans’ attention and got positive reviews. Then the band was silent for some time but in the beginning of 2021 Sintax are back with the sophomore album Nano 3000.

The band was formed in 2010 by ex-members of Birth and Shwortsechaye bands. They wrote music, rehearsed, performed actively and even participated at Israeli edition of Headbangers Ball. After the release of their debut longplay there were some gigs too and the band started to work on a new material but like a lot of essentially DIY-bands, there came some problems with line-up and other inherent things. Nevertheless, things are finally settled and now Sintax are: Yoav Gruper (guitar), Slava Kishka (bass), Nir Baruch (drums), Roi Illouz (guitar) and Yehi Zaken (vocals).

Unlike Sway For A Better Day with prevailing Groove, in Nano 3000 Sintax focused more on Thrash Metal’s aggression and fast pace, sometimes even stepping to a Death Metal territory. The dense sound with emphasized bass adds mightiness, turning the album into relentless 35 minutes long attack, which gives the listener some break very rarely. At the same time the album mixed great and you can clearly hear every instrument, nothing is failed in the mix.

Actually, the opener “Skeleton Scale” meets the listener with fast paced, robust Thrash Metal. Nir’s drumming is great (by the way, he plays in another Death Metal band, Chugun) and Yehi’s growls are roaring. Then the pace slows up and the music goes Groove but soon it comes back to speed and technical playing. “Reefers Of Sting and Honey” also starts repentless, with hurricane riffa and surprisingly melodic solos from Yoav and Roi, which, however, ends sharply and get the music back to accustomed brutality.

“Most Hated Man In Universe”, “Sight Got Past” and “Shooting Stars” starts with Groove and some Thrash elements added further. But in the middle Trash is already fully prevailed, turning these tracks to one huge blast of aggression and brutality. In its turn, the titled “Nano 3000” is probably the most dicerse song in this album. Here we have some Groove Metal with great drums, good riff and almost infernal vocals; tough verse and brutal Death Metal chorus, full of blast beats. But at the same time there is a melody here and some faint Oriental motives guessed in it.

“Lethal And Armed” starts from Groove as well and further continues with mighty attack, with fast drumming and typical Thrash riffs, while the chorus musically goes Punk or, rather, Crossover Thrash. Melodic solo fits great here, which is quite unexpected from the song like this.

Ending “Lunch Time Funeral” sounds sinister at first but with the increase of pace it becomes more tough and evil: blast beats again, fast tremolo riffs and melodism from time to time, despite all the brutality and aggression of the music.

With this, I can’t say that Nano 3000 is fundamentally differs from Sway For A Better Day: yes, music became faster and much more evil, but it isn’t better or worse. Don’t get me wrong, the previous album was created by experienced musicians and raised the bar quite high. New album didn’t raise it higher but didn’t drop it in no case. Great, powerful and qualitative work!

Nano 3000 was released on February, 2 via Sliptrick Records.

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