Review: Zeit “Konvergenz”

Review: Zeit “Konvergenz”

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Zeit “Konvergenz”

I’m sure that the scene in Leipzig is more diverse, but here we have another representative of local Black Metal. So, we all know very well that Black Metal has several faces and sub-genres. These guys call their creativity Black/Doom or even Black/Sludge and well, generally I deal with it. I can find such elements and influences. But you shouldn’t expect slow tempo which crush your body and soul by its heaviness.

First of all, this is Black Metal, shich of course doesn’t mean that your body and soul are safe. It can also crush your body and soul, but in different way. Our German friends play lively and often in quite fast tempo, but in the same time there’s some despair in their music. Sometimes this element is well-hearable, but mostly there’s only a shadow of it and you need to concentrate to recognize it. Anyways, you’ll be able to hear echoes of Doom Metal in some riffs as well, but mostly more subtle (even if it’s any problem for me to hear this – but since my underground “career’ is so long), in drums’ track. The most Doom song in my opinion is “Trüb”, but even there’re characteristic Black speed-up and stuff like that. Anyway, sadness emanates from this song even more than from other ones.

Generally, the music is variable and even somehow sophisticated. I wrote “somehow” especially because Germans use rather easy devices. This is both about Fur (guitars, voc), Win (drums) and even Flakmann’s (bass) play. Riffs create some melody from time to time, but this is absolutely nothing what has even signs of any fucking sweetness or something! Drumming is intensive (what doesn’t mean that Win beats with or even above light-speed) with big participation of cymbals. There’s Satan in music and you can feel him very well, sometimes even almost touch. Fur’s vocalizations are full of fury and some kind of nostalgia. This is what you can expect from Black Metal act for sure. But it isn’t Norwegian school, rather German.

Well, this is for sure interesting album. I don’t know how it’ll be with you, but in my case ‘Konvergenz’ makes me curious to get to know earlier works of this created in 2010 band. There’s not so much of that. Anyhow, you’ll like it only if you’re fan of playing I’ve described above – you don’t must be true-blue fan who can’t see anything else, but you surely must like such sounds.

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