Setoml Released Music Video “Man is God or Man is a Beast”

Setoml Released Music Video “Man is God or Man is a Beast”

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“Man is God or Man is a Beast” is the first single from the Setoml‘s upcoming album, the title of which the musicians have not yet announced. The song dives into the thoughts about whom a person imagines thereself as – God or the beast. What do you think? With this work, musicians want to draw everyone’s attention to everything around us. To ask questions. Who you really are? To give yourself a chance to think about how you can make this world a better place. To awaken love to nature and all living creatures. The human mind can create ingenious things, both for the benefit and for the harm of the environment. With our work we want to inspire people to good intentions. But to remind once again that we should not destroy the world in which we live. Everyone can start with themselves.

At the same time, to support the single, the musicians released a video clip directed by George Lazurenko. Watch “Man is God or Man is a Beast” here:

Music: Anton Semenenko
Lyrics, vocals: Serhiy Kryvovyaz
Art: Elena Shvets
Director: George Lazurenko
Actors: Sergey Kryvovyaz, Anton Semenenko, Mykhailo Bogaichuk, Maria Ridkous, dog Prime(cynologist Andrey Dolzhenko, training center “Gelion”)

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