SINISTER “The Unborn Dead” review

SINISTER “The Unborn Dead” review

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SINISTER “The Unborn Dead

Hellprod Records

Hm… All of us know Netherlands Sinister more than good, aren’t we? And their last effort is this 7”EP Vinyl release, manufactured by Portugal label Hellprod recs. It was released November 30, 2014, limited to 250 hand-numbered copies, 100 in red and 150 in black colors. Do you think here are some new songs? No, you was wrong if you thought so; here are two songs, cover versions for Grotesque and Novembers Doom (“Ripped from the Cross” of Grotesque and “My Agony, My Ecstasy” of Novembers Doom). What to say? Sinister is pretty skilled band, and here is top professional stuff as all their previous albums and etc. These songs will may be interested for both fans of Sinister and those bands which covers presented over here, but as well as to those who just like cover versions (like me, for example, hehe). “My Agony, My Ecstasy” of Novembers Doom – made with Sinister influences, but also without radical changes, here are the same pressing rhythms and female vocals used as well. “Ripped from the Cross” of Grotesque played just like original, what I do not like to be honest, I like when there in the covers are more OWN feelings. But, in spite of this – I can surely recommend this release to aforementioned people!


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