Smoke Rites Unleashes Their First Lyric Video

Smoke Rites Unleashes Their First Lyric Video

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What happens if The Devils Blood had a lustful night with Acid Bath under the gaze of the Red Goat?

Smoke Rites, a newly formed occult doom metal band has released their first single and lyric video for their track named   ‘The Rite of The Smoke’. The track is from the band’s forthcoming demo EP “The Rite of the Smoke”. The band’s line-up consists of Sabbatonero‘s Maksymina Kuzianik on vocals, Łukasz Borawski on guitar, Marek Lis on bass and Zdzisław Dyrman on drums. The track also features a guest guitar solo by Piotr Rutek Rutkowski.

For the fans of the old occult sound from the early eighties/late seventies this is must check out.

Rite of the Smoke lyric video:

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