Review: Misstress “Resurrected” [Blasphemous records]

Review: Misstress “Resurrected” [Blasphemous records]

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What a nice vampire-themed hard rock album with black metal touches, filled with dark and fun songs from beginning to end!

This album is somewhere between rock and metal. Dirty, sexy, vampiric rock’n roll, mixed with fast speed/thrash and shrieking and evil black metal. All these elements combined create something gritty and filthy, but really cool, with some awesome fast riffs and fun songs. Those songs get their hooks in you immediately, because they’re all so catchy and fun.

From beginning to end, these songs have so much energy and catchiness that you’ll love them immediately, and this isn’t the kind of album that starts with awesome energy but loses steam somewhere in the middle. No, it’s the kind of album where every single song is equally fun and catchy.

Because that album is so awesome overall, let’s discuss some of the highlights. Those would be Welcome to Hell, the heavy opener with black metal shrieks but that doesn’t take itself too seriously, the fast and catchy No Risk No Fun, and the fun, fast, catchy and filthy I’m Going to Get U. Jesus Christ Pornstar has a really great bassline and a nice intro that alternates between this bassline and some gloomy keyboard or organ. Deal to the Devil is another hard/heavy rock masterpiece where it’s the singer offering a deal to the Devil rather than the other way around. I can only applaud such boldness. Sex Blood and Rock’N Roll is a speed monster that sums up what this band is all about. It also has a great bridge with a drum pattern that sounds like something by Girlschool, with the vocalist yelling the title, followed by a great guitar solo. Another good example of all the band’s features combined is Blood Sucker.

The vocals are another highlight of the album. The lead vocalist, who has the wonderful stage name of Buczyfer, can use a variety of styles that help create the band’s mix of hard rock, black metal and what I’ll refer to as a gothic aesthetic, in a very broad sense. Most of the time, he sings in a raspy voice like the filthiest and angriest rock’n roll singer you’ve ever heard, but he’s also good at black metal shrieks, as shown on Welcome to Hell, and at a few moments on other tracks, especially Evil, Deal to the Devil, Sex Blood and Rock’N Roll and Lady Katharina. The latter also has him singing in a softer, but very low-pitched style like a goth rock singer. Other tracks also have a sort of whisper-scream echo on his vocals. The female back-up vocalists are also doing a great job, doing Lilith’s voice on Lilith (Sanctificerum Nomen Tuum) or doing a nice, sassy choir at the end of Deal to the Devil (another reason why this one is one of the best of the album), or creating a nice, gloomy outro to Time to Hunt. Really, there was a lot of effort from all vocalists involved, and the vocals are one of the best parts of the album.

So yeah, this is a really good album. I loved it immediately and had fun all the way through. I already wanted to listen to it one more time, which is a great sign. This is one of the most fun albums I’ve reviewed this year. Maybe to some people, it will feel like the musical version of a cheesy horror movie, and it’s far from the only vampire-themed metal band, but it just sounds so good! The instrumentations and vocals are great, the songs are really catchy, and it’s a really filthy and evil mix of rock and black metal. And above all, it’s fun, so check this one out, you won’t regret it.

Release date: May 7th, 2021

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