Sombria – Release Music Video For “Ballet of Sadness”

Sombria – Release Music Video For “Ballet of Sadness”

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Dark Melancholic metal band Sombria Sombria released official music video for “Ballet of Sadness”. The video is now available on Youtube:

The track is taken from the debut album Chirographon Dei which is released on November 27th 2020 by Inverse Records.

“Ballet of Sadness” a song that portrays the struggle, the pain, the beauty and divinity behind art. Being an artist is something that words can hardly describe. Giving your body and soul in exchange of mastering your precious gift, the only thing that gives you peace, serenity and purpose while at the same time breaks you down…
This piece is dedicated to all the people who in spite all the odds persevere, commit to the fullest and never cease till they achieve the best, not only on their field but as humans as well.
Director: Pavel Danilyuk/ Dimi De San
Producer: Dimi De San
Editing: Dimi De San
Special thanks to Pavel Danilyuk.

Listen to the album also on:
Apple Music:​​

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