Surgical Meth Machine “Surgical Meth Machine” review (by Droll)

Surgical Meth Machine “Surgical Meth Machine” review (by Droll)

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Surgical Meth Machine - Surgical Meth Machine - Artwork

Surgical Meth Machine “Surgical Meth Machine”
Nuclear Blast Records

Everybody knows that the drugs are bad. Nevertheless, every year tons of money spent to fight them and the result isn’t impressive. Everybody also knows that music it’s great. Nevertheless, masterpieces aren’t born every year. And only a few can create a masterpiece from anti-music. One of them is crazy genius, experienced drug addict (in a past) and just a good person (also multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer) Al Jourgensen and his new project Surgical Meth Machine with self-titled album.

Dismissed Ministry (for the umpteenth time already), Al started with other project. But that what he says about Surgical Meth Machine: “By the end we started realizing that this is more of a MINISTRY record than any MINISTRY record. It doesn’t sound like MINISTRY. What I mean is that if you look at the whole career of MINISTRY starting out with pop and then branching out into a lot of different things, we found ourselves using every bit of the MINISTRY catalog. I felt like I was on the old TV show »This Is Your Life«.

Sampled to the core, juicy and meaty, solid record (Jourgensen almost didn’t deceived, when he said that it wouldn’t be song slower than 220 bpm in an album) from the middle of the first track grabs fan’s balls, if he have some, and beats the songs into the head with terrific frequency. This magnificence lasts during first six songs, until “Unlistenable”, where jiving humor begins, unlike the songs like “Rich Men Problems” or “Tragic Alert”.

Next “Gates of Steel” is interesting symbiosis of electronic music and “classic” four-chord punk.  Then the album goes through the fully-electronic “Just Go Home” and it’s logical extension “Just Keep Going” to the final “I’m Invisible”, where Uncle Al crooning words with some kind of lounge music.

Surgical Meth Machine is not a versatile project, but bipolar. And I’m sure that it wouldn’t be understood from the first listening. So it will needed to do it once again. And again. Therefore not only “parental advisory explicit lyrics” should be written on this album, but also “addictive”. Because it really is.

Surgical Meth Machine will be released on April, 15 by Nuclear Blast

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