This Gift Is A Curse stream entire new album “A Throne of Ash”

This Gift Is A Curse stream entire new album “A Throne of Ash”

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THIS GIFT IS A CURSE are now streaming their upcoming album ‘A Throne of Ash’ in full. The album will be out tomorrow, June 14. The new offering can be heard via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel:

The band comments on the track:

“This record was defined by our record label as a “monstrous black beast” and we think that it is a rather accurate description. Our third album, “A Throne of Ash” is a natural extension of the dark, sonic maelstrom that started with “I, Guiltbearer” and that relentlessly keeps dragging us further down in the raging abyss that came to be This Gift is a Curse. It does not intend to let us go – instead it forces us to refine and develop our craft, finding new dark territories to explore and dwell in. “A Throne of Ash” is our final frontier, for now…”

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