Review: Damage Limit “Crank”

Review: Damage Limit “Crank”

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Sometimes it seems that rock and metal in Finland is not taught in primary school, but Finns imbibe it with mother’s milk. Rock and metal scene is one of the largest in this country and very diverse. Finnish bands are playing in almost every genre of metal. Damage Limit, formed in Helsinki in 2010, playing hard and groovy rock’n’roll, release their third album Crank.

Damage Limit  is: Samu Peltonen (guitar/vocals), Mikael Tiiro (guitars), Riku Pessinen (bass) и Teemu Hassel (drums). The band members themselves say that they were inspired by such bands like Hanoi Rocks and Backyard Babies. But also there are heavier and louder bands like Metallica, Motorhead and Misfits. So on this fundament Damage Limit was grown as groovy mix of punk and rock’n’roll.

Crank contains seven songs with quite simple riffs. With this, music is diluted liberally with rock’n’roll receptions and interesting solos. Also Samu’s vocals should be picked out – rusty a little bit and suited to this kind of music in a best way.

An album opens with “Free To Believe” – rhythmical, simple and very rock’n’roll; with catchy chorus, good drummer’s work and great guitar bridge and solo. “Without You” slowing the pace but has groovy chorus, strongly marked rhythm section and solo that passes by with a speed of light. Next “Struck Down”, as for me, is a band’s «card»: hard, fast, loud and catchy song reminds about Norwegians Chrome Division creation with its sound and structure. “Graveyards” slowing the pace again; the main riff reminds some pop-punk like The Offspring but the vocals and some guitar techniques are making the music rock’n’roll with some reservations. However it doesn’t make music bad and less catchy. The album continues with “No Reason” with its calm verse, rhythmical chorus and pensive solo with echo effects (kind of reverence to rock classics). Same theme goes in “1000 Times”, though here the main role played the vocalist’s voice. And the album ends with “You Can’t Save Me”, that brings some hard’n’heavy riffs.

To sum up, it can’t be said that Crank is some unusual work. It’s hardly possible to hear something extra ordinary or hear some new approach. But it is valuable for something different: it’s groovy, it’s rhythmical and finally it’s a good rock’n’roll! Sometimes it’s more important that super-technical guitar parties and marveling vocalist range with diverse of vocal techniques.

Crank will be released on January, 13-th by Secret Entertainment




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