Interview Sanctrum (By Carla Morton)

Interview Sanctrum (By Carla Morton)

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This year, the Swedish Thrash metal band Sanctrum have released their second album entitled ‘’Rot’’ via WormHoleDeath records. They have also released a video for the song ‘’The Sickness Within’’ where you can watch it below. Some months ago I had an interview with them, so here it is a second interview about Sanctrum with Irfan, the frontman of Sanctrum.
10855081_10152521437001330_5399077752774415580_o Greetings Irfan and nice talking to you again, how have you been?
Hey Carla, first of thanks for interviewing us again. I have been good, busy with everything with the band. No rest, just hard work haha.

You have recently got back from the tour. How was it?
We did “The Sickness Within Europe Tour 2015” in July and we visited Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. The tour went really good and we met some really cool people and we played with many great bands. It was definitely the hottest shows we have ever played, in Croatia it was somewhere around 40 degress inside the venue.
11753666_10152816014466330_9088229978767328941_nIn the first interview we had, you told me a few words about the new album released this year via WormHoleDeath records, ”Rot”. Tell me more about it.

We released our new album “Rot” on the 15th June in Europe and it came out on the 15th July in Japan. “Rot” contains ten new hit songs in which we take the Sanctrum sound one step further. We tried to mix in all of the styles that we like in to a big mix and make it sound like Sanctrum. The songs came out just like we wanted them, they sound bigger and more epic. A big thanks goes also to Lawrence Mackrory who made our ideas come true.

Who mainly wrote the album?
When we write songs it usually starts with Alex or Viktor. One of them comes with a riff or part of the song and show the rest of us and then we jam and talk about how we want the song to progress. Then Alex makes a preproduction of the song and then we start to play the song and then I play around with various lyrical themes and write the lyrics. On this album Emil has also written a lot of the lyrics, that was a new and exciting approach for me. So to answer your question; we have all written everything together.

Did you receive good reviews?
So far we have received some really good reviews. That tells us that we have done a good job and that we should keep on doing the same.
11212755_10152673074211330_2976744020871110433_n Are you going to tour more this year?
We will try to play as much as we can. We are planning some shows in Sweden but we have nothing planned yet. If you want to see us live then let your local booker about us!

Do you have a message for the Sanctrum fans?
Thank you so much for your support! We really appreciate it and we hope to see you all soon on the road again. And take a look at our new video.

Thank you Irfan, it was my pleasure. Cheers!
Thank you! All the best!

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Carla Morton

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