Premiere: Impure Wilhelmina “Great Falls Beyond Death”

Premiere: Impure Wilhelmina “Great Falls Beyond Death”

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The first track premiere of the forthcoming new IMPURE WILHELMINA album, “Radiation” will be out on July 7th via Season Of Mist records.


“We have chosen the opening track ‘Great Falls beyond Death’ of our new full-length entitled ‘Radiation’ for the first premiere. The song starts with an easy melody line and a massive guitar that both evolve into a more dark and twisted tune. The vocals grow steadily more epic until the song coalesces into its melancholic finale – evoking fatalism, fanaticism, ignorance, and the fear of death. We see it as a perfect way to start the journey towards our new album – to take-off and then fall through an uncharted musical radiation.”


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