Review: Eversin “Armageddon Genesi” [My Kingdom Music Records]

Review: Eversin “Armageddon Genesi” [My Kingdom Music Records]

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Eversin mark their first decade together by releasing their fourth album, which in all likelihood is their strongest yet. The title of  Armageddon Genesi speaks volumes for the psychological approach the Sicilians bring to this record. It’s meant to be apocalyptic and after the spooked spoken intro the moody quartet really get down to the serious stuff with the rousing ‘Legions’.

Eversin’s career has grown steadily over the past decade with the band supporting such lusty metal alumni as Death Angel, Destruction and Suicidal Angels. Their previous releases have seen them attract notable vocal support from the likes of Testament’s Glen Alvelais and Venom’s Tony Dolan. This time round Lee Wollenschlaeger of Malevolent Creation guest vocals on the titanic title track.

Armageddon Genesi is pitched at a tempo that will readily connect with fans of Soulfly and Slayer. The choppy guitarwork from guest guitarist Ralph Santolla (Decide/Obituary) on ‘Soulgrinder’ will set your neck twitching like the hooves of a new-born foal while Angelo Ferrante’s croaky cry acts as a rousing call to arms.

‘Havoc Supreme’ injects a few pointed pauses but when a grizzly riff breaks through the interlude, Eversin kick on once more. While the thrash overload will satisfy fans of Testament, Eversin compliment the razored riffage with some scintillating grooves while on the penultimate title track they really release the handbreak with some outrageous scissored solos.

At almost nine minutes in duration, ‘At the Gates of the Abyss’ is a monstrous album finale, slowly building momentum on the back of a finely crafted hook which in turn builds into an elephantine stomp before Ferrante starts to inject his own throaty twist. The album closer is played at a steadier tempo than most of the previous eight songs, giving it greater impact and command… almost like an army on the march.

The Sicilian sons have confirmed their credentials and should continue to grow their sound further across the plains of Europe and beyond.

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