Review: LAPIDATED “The Stench of Carnage”

Review: LAPIDATED “The Stench of Carnage”

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LAPIDATED “The Stench of Carnage”
Hecatombe records

Somebody can ask me why the hell I’m reviewing album which was released a little more then three years ago. And I’m finding at least two good answers on this question. First of all, I’m doing this coz Pablo (drums) asked me about this. My second, maybe even better, reason to do write few lines about “Stench of Carnage” is that since these three years the band didn’t released anything new – what will change soon, I hope. Well, as sooner it’ll become truth as better in my opinion!

Yes, yes… I know that we have no anything new here. But this is strength of this album in that. We have here classic Brutal Death Metal. It means that everything like it should be. Riffs are short, broken and brutal as well. Javi plays variously and technically. Well, we haven’t here anything what would be like “oh shit, so this is really possible to play guitar like that!!!”. There’s no solos at all, but penny whistles happen not so rarely. Also bass ‘goes’ very nicely and technically as well. We can directly hear that Helios isn’t any green-horn in what he does – before LAPIDATED was born he played seven years in another band from El Ejido (quite big municipality in Almeria province, southern Spain – more than 85.000 people live there) which called MORVITY. By the way, he met there Pablo Blanco who’s also rather experienced musician. His drumming is variable as in case of other instruments. Of course tempo is at least middle-fast, but it speed-ups very often. He uses cymbals, too. And he doesn’t do it sparsely. The fact is that you have to listen carefully to notice them in some fragments. Anyway, there’s another Pablo in the band, who takes care about vocal. His second name is Coines and it’s of course growling which he use. Somebody could say that it’s nothing special – just typical Death Metal screaming. Hm… Maybe that’s truth, even if for me there’s nothing like that (every vocalist has own style, own timbre), but I just love this lack of originality!!! It’s brutal, deep and just like it should be. I don’t need and expect anything else in music like that.

In my opinion every fan of Death Metal should grab it and every next release of LAPIDATED without any objection!!!


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Bart Tomaszewski
Score 94%
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