Review: Lavaborne – 2017 Demo

Review: Lavaborne – 2017 Demo

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Lavaborne – 2017 Demo

Lavaborne are a doom group based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, with their only release being a demo that dropped last year. As expected, the quality is only as good as a demo can really get, with a misty hum in the air. Due to the type of music, this doesn’t really do any harm, and if anything adds some heaviness to the atmosphere, giving it an overall dirtier feel. The only thing that really takes away from the atmosphere is the fact that the drums are programmed in via machine, but at least they do the main job of keeping the beat.

Musically, it’s quite promising. The riffs are very deep and devious, taking something that could be found on early Black Sabbath or Pentagram records, but mixing in a more monstrous feel. To go along with this are a slow and creeping vocal approach that keep the notes down for the most part. On the other hand, higher backing vocals are added in to harmonize occasionally, which adds some variation. The songs themselves don’t stand apart all that greatly, but subtle features like these help that out a lot. Plus, it’s only about twenty minutes long, so how much can you really fit in?

The final ingredient of the formula is bass lines that hop around and breakthrough with strength, creating a thumping rhythm. This is crucial when the guitar breaks into solo territory, helping keep the structure together. Overall, for a demo, it’s pretty damn solid. Fans of Spirit Division would dig this, seeing that both bands share the same vocalist. Lavaborne doesn’t quite focus in on the more extreme doomy aspects as much, so it’s a bit more accessible, but dark nonetheless.

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