Review: Mycelia ”Dawn”

Review: Mycelia ”Dawn”

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Dawn is the new album of Mycelia, djent/deathcore metal band from Switzerland.

Starting with the first two tracks of the album, first ‘’Call of the Void’’, which totally became my favorite song of the album, and the second one ‘’Drop The Baby’’, both the longest tracks from the album, combines the growls with the clean voice which makes the sound to be more interesting and cool. The rest of the songs, but actually to say like this: the whole album is great, is technical, good riffs, good bass lines, growls and clean voice makes the album more nice. To compare ‘’Dawn’’ with the previous release of the band, ‘’Obey’’, definitely the new one is more intense and mentioned above, also technical and from what do I listen, the album was worked very well.

I rarely find metalcore/ technical metal bands to say that I like, but Mycelia, an underground band, since I’ve discovered them, impressed me with ‘’Obey’’ release and since then, I was waiting to hear the new album and, I am not disappointed, the result is amazing!


Call Of The Void
Drop The Baby
Permanent Intoxication

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Carla Morton

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