Review: The Erkonauts “I Shall Forgive”

Review: The Erkonauts “I Shall Forgive”

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The Erkonauts “I Shall Forgive”
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Now and then, I need something different to review, a style that I don’t always listen to. And when this came up on the review list, I was hooked on my first listen.

They’ve been described as a Prog version of Motörhead… and that’s ok as a ballpark tagline. Delve a little deeper and yes, there are references to Motörhead, but they also drift off and do their own thing… which is a style I genuinely cannot pin down.

At times it’s a smooth ride, very mellow, but then they throw in a few dizzying twists and turns… I could be off the mark completely here, but possibly Faith No More, jamming with Devin Townsend and maybe with a bit of Threshold… Everything is quality, I just can’t think who the fuck it reminds me of.

This is one of those albums that’s basically a big melting pot of as many styles as you can handle. It’s Rock n Roll, it’s Prog, it’s Metal, it’s mellow, it’s also really heavy at times, with the occasional addition of a Punk-like attitude… and I don’t know how they do it, but it all works.

It’s a quirky bitch of an album, that constantly fucks with my brain, but it’s really very good… in a completely oddball kind of way. I think one of their song titles can sum this album up better than me: “Chaos Never Fails To Appeal”.

If you need to be challenged, musically, then stick this baby at the top of your list.


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