Review: VRTRA “My Bones Hold a Stillness”

Review: VRTRA “My Bones Hold a Stillness”

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VRTRA “My Bones Hold a Stillness”
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Vrtra is a monster of a band to put it lightly. These genre shape shifters pair doom and death metal together to create a wholly sinister and blood boiling sound that caves your head in the first chance that they get. Their debut full length, “My Bones Hold A Stillness” is three tracks long of nothing but twisting, barbaric, and purely sinister tunes. And while three tracks doesn’t seem like a lot, this record packs a huge punch as it clocks in at a little over thirty total minutes. “My Bones Hold A Stillness” is an incredibly lethal and potent record that does a great job of getting under your skin and embedding itself in your brain as well.

As dark and harrowing as this release is, it still is very memorable and enchanting in its own twisted sort of way. “My Bones Hold A Stillness” is an enchanting and damning record all at the same time which makes it that much more memorable. Vrtra has created something with their debut that not only puts you through the wringer but has you coming back for more and more as well.

“My Bones Hold A Stillness” is incredibly weighty and as it rumbles on you feel your bones crumbling under its weight. Right when the first notes hit your ears, you know that you are in for a soul torching and suffocating listen. Vrtra holds nothing back on this release as they come at you in huge metallic waves that don’t cease until you are buried under the cold and damp earth. Each song is just as violent and volatile as the last and instead of feeling as though each song stands on its own. Even though the songs are split up, this entire album is incredibly cohesive and sewn together in such a way where this record feels as one heavy, life destroying song.

This record seems to have been marinated in what nightmares are made of before it was ever put on a disc. “My Bones Hold A Stillness” trudges on dragging you along behind it through nightmarish soundscapes and suffocating atmospheres. You can’t escape the madness once you begin listening, and quite frankly you never feel an urge to. This record is one hell of a solid listen and more often than not you feel yourself coming back for more and more.

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Jared Harrison

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