– For unsigned bands!

– For unsigned bands!

- in Z-A - Unsigned bands

Do you have a band and would like more people heard about it? 24-01-2015 we have launched special category – promotion of unsigned bands!

What YOU must to do?

1) play METAL related music

2) HAVE good quality record

3) HAVE it on Bandcamp or Soundcloud

4) ANSWER listed below questions

5) SEND us ANSWERS + SHORT band info + LOGO + band PHOTO (in HIGH resolution! Please NOT like “meatfly shit”!) + LINKS to Bandcamp or Soundcloud + LINKS to your site/facebook

6) SEND all TO – fornews666@gmail.com [!!! WITH “subject line – UNSIGNED”]

7) If you do NOT make ALL AS NOTED – we will NOT publish you. So please re-read above 6 conditions again.

What WE will do?

 – Once we’ll receive your READY inquiry and will check if all is correct – we’ll make special post, which will contain your band info + stream of your song(s). + Of course reposts etc.

How much does it costs? – It’s COMPLETELY for FREE! The only things you should do – repost this page (using all buttons below) + repost page with your band.
The only paid thing – is a Sticky to top post, it costs 3 USD per week.

Why we do it FOR FREE? – Just to try to do even LITTLE Help to Unsigned Metal bands:).

So, if you read all the notes carefully, feel free to download file with questions and answer to them.




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