2019: Top 140 Best Sounds from Underground Scene!

2019: Top 140 Best Sounds from Underground Scene!

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140 best records from Underground scene (Albums and EP’s) that made my year! In my humble opinion, these records deserves to be named as bringers of the best (among Underground bands) sounds during 2019! Of course, I did not listen to all the records released during this year so I’m here with my personal top made with what I listened to. I did not mention major bands here but only Underground ones. Please do not forget to support the bands by buying their official Physical merch, or even Digital albums which you can find by clicking on the album/EP titles here. In conclusion – 2019 was really reach for truly Extreme metal! You also welcome to write your personal top in comments, I will definitely check those albums I did not listen to!

Here we go (in alphabetical order)!

    1. Abysmal Lord “Exaltation Of The Infernal Cabal” | Hells Headbangers
    2. Acathexis “Acathexis” | Amor Fati / Entropic (re-release of 2018 album)
    3. Ad Patres “A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments” | Xenokorp
    4. Aggressive Perfector “Havoc At The Midnight Hour” | Dying Victims
    5. Alcoholocaust (Portugal) “Necro Apocalipse Bestial” | Helldprod
    6. Apokalyptic Raids “The Pentagram” | Hells Headbangers
    7. Arkona “Age of Capricorn” | Debemur Morti Productions
    8. Ataraxie “Résignés” | XenoKorp, Deadlight Entertainment, Weird Truth
    9. Avslut “Tyranni” | Osmose
    10. Barbarian “To No God Shall I Kneel” | Hells Headbangers
    11. Barkasth “Hear My Void” | Ashen Dominion (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    12. Bat “Axestasy” | Hells Headbangers
    13. Bewitcher “Under the Witching Cross” | Shadow Kingdom
    14. Bitchhammer “Offenders Of The Faith” | Pure Steel
    15. Black Beast “Nocturnal Bloodlust” | Primitive Reaction
    16. Blot & Bod “Ormekongens Argelist” | Iron Bonehead
    17. Blut aus Nord “Hallucinogen” | Debemur Morti
    18. Booze Control “Forgotten Lands” | Gates Of Hell
    19. Burial Remains “Trinity Of Deception” | Transcending Obscurity
    20. Carcinoid “Metastatic Declination” | Blood Harvest
    21. Carnal Tomb “Abhorrent Veneration” | Testimony
    22. Carved “Thanatos” | Revalve (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    23. Chorea “Chronicles of the Darkened Earth” (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    24. Cianide “Unhumanized” | Hells Headbangers
    25. Coffin Rot “A Monument to the Dead” | Blood Harvest / Rotted Life
    26. Come Back From The Dead “The Rise of the Blind Ones” | Transcending Obscurity
    27. Crimson Moon “Mors Vincit Omnia” | Debemur Morti
    28. Cryptic Brood “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science” | War Anthem
    29. Deiphago “I, The Devil” | Hells Headbangers
    30. Denial of God “The Hallow Mass” | Osmose / Hells Headbangers
    31. Depressed “Beyond The Putrid Fiction” | Black Lion
    32. Diabolic Night “Beyond The Realm” | High Roller
    33. Disowning “Human Cattle” | Xenokorp
    34. Downcross “Mysteries Of Left Path” | Saturn Sector Rex (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    35. Dysangelium “Death Leading” | W.T.C.
    36. Eigenstate Zero “Sensory Deception” (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    37. Eskapism “Ancient Songs of the Wind” | Wolfspell
    38. Essence of Datum “Spellcrying Machine” | Season of Mist
    39. Evil Angel “Unholy Evil Metal” | Hells Headbangers
    40. Excuse “Prophets From the Occultic Cosmos” | Shadow Kingdom
    41. Extinction “The Apocalypse Mark” | Revalve (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    42. Fatal Curse “Breaking the Trance” | Shadow Kingdom
    43. Flamekeeper “We Who Light the Fire” | Invictus
    44. Flying “Seeding Pain” | Nocturnus
    45. Forteresse “Themes pour la Rebellion” | Sepulchral
    46. Funeral Storm “Arcane Mysteries” | Hells Headbangers
    47. Fvneral Fvkk “Carnal Confessions” | Solitude (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    48. Goatblood “Apparition of Doomsday” | Dunkelheit
    49. Gods Forsaken “Smells Of Death” | Soulseller
    50. Grand Demise of Civilization “Below the Feet of Kings” (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    51. Hagzissa “They Ride Along” | Iron Bonehead
    52. Hecate Enthroned “Embrace Of The Godless Aeon” | M-Theory Audio (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    53. Hellehond “Verslonden” | Iron Bonehead
    54. Hellixxir “The Black Fortress” | Music-Records (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    55. Hellsodomy “Morbid Cult” | Saturnal
    56. Helvetets Port “From Life to Death” | High Roller
    57. Hex “God Has No Name” | Transcending Obscurity
    58. Hexekration Rites “Desekration Manifesto” | Atavism
    59. Hiss From The Moat “The Harrier” | M-Theory Audio (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    60. Hnus Umirajici “Hnus Umirajici” | MetalGate
    61. Horrocious “Depleted Light And The Death Of Uniqueness” | Osmose
    62. Human Agony “Putrescence of Calvary” | Invictus
    63. Ignivomous “Hieroglossia” | Nuclear War Now!
    64. Imprecation “Damnatio Ad Bestias” | Dark Descent
    65. Into Coffin “Unconquered Abysses” | Terror From Hell
    66. Kaldvard “Domt Til Bal Og Brann” (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    67. Kekht Arakh “Night & Love”
    68. KHNVM “Foretold Monuments Of Flesh” | Testimony
    69. Kosmokrator “Through Ruin… Behold” | Van
    70. Lifvsleda “Manifest MMXIX” | Shadow / Regain
    71. Marras “Where Light Comes to Die” | Spread Evil
    72. Mechanical God Creation “The New Chapter” | The Goatmancer (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    73. Midnight Priest “Aggressive Hauntings” | Metal On Metal Records
    74. Millennium “A New World” | Pure Steel (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    75. Misþyrming “Algleymi” | NoEvDia
    76. Mortuary “The Autophagous Reign” | XenoKorp
    77. Myrholt “Solens Soenn og Maanens Datter” (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    78. Mystik “Mystik” | I Hate
    79. Necrom “The Light Has Never Been Here”
    80. Necromutilator “Black Blood Aggression” | Terror From Hell
    81. Nightbearer “Tales Of Sorcery And Death” | Testimony
    82. Nocturnal “The Greater Emptiness” | Seance
    83. Nocturnes Mist “Marquis Of Hell” | Seance
    84. Nox Irae “Here The Dead Live” | Transcending Obscurity
    85. Oath of Cruelty “Summary Execution At Dawn” | Dark Descent
    86. Obskkvlt “Blackarhats” | Nooirax (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    87. Oniricous “La Maldicion” | BlackSeed
    88. Opprobrium “The Fallen Entities” | High Roller
    89. Orthodoxy “Novus Lux Dominus” | The Sinister Flame
    90. Ossuaire “Derniers Chants” | Sepulchral
    91. Paganizer “The Tower of the Morbid” | Transcending Obscurity
    92. Patronymicon “Ushered Forth By Cloven Tongue” | Osmose
    93. Pestilent Death “Chapters of Depravity” | Blood Harvest
    94. Power from Hell “Profound Evil Presence” | High Roller
    95. Profanatica “Rotting Incarnation of God” | Season of Mist Underground Activists
    96. Rattenfanger “Geisslerlieder” | Dark Essence
    97. Raventale “Morphine Dead Gardens” | Ashen Dominion (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    98. Revel In Flesh “The Hour Of The Avenger” | War Anthem
    99. Rhodium “Sea Of The Dead” | Sliptrick (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    100. Riot City “Burn the Night” | No Remorse
    101. Rogga Johansson “Entrance to the Otherwhere” | Transcending Obscurity
    102. Ruach Raah “Submission In Absolute” | War Arts
    103. Runespell “Voice of Opprobrium” | Iron Bonehead
    104. Sacrilegia “The Triclavian Advent” | Invictus
    105. Sadokist “Necrodual Dimension Funeral Storm” | Hells Headbangers
    106. Sarcasm “Esoteric Tales of the Unserene” | Chaos (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    107. Savage Master “Myth, Magic & Steel” | Shadow Kingdom
    108. Seax “Fallout Rituals” | Shadow Kingdom
    109. Selenite “Mahasamadhi” | Seance
    110. Sentient Horror “Morbid Realms” | Testimony
    111. Shrine of Insanabilis “Vast Vortex Litanies” | W.T.C.
    112. Sidus Atrum “Cold Silence” | Loneravn
    113. Sins of the Damned “Striking the Bell of Death” | Shadow Kingdom
    114. Skelator “Cyber Metal” | Gates Of Hell
    115. Slaughtbbath “Alchemical Warfare” | Hells Headbangers
    116. Slutvomit “Copulation of Cloven Hooves” | Invictus
    117. Tableau Mort “Veil of Stigma. Book I Mark of Delusion” | Loud Rage Music (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    118. Taiwaz “The Uninvited Guest” | Psykofarmaka (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    119. TakaLaiton “SisuKastraatio I & II (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    120. Tan Kozh “Lignages Oublies” | Antiq
    121. Teitanblood “The Baneful Choir” | NoEvDia
    122. Temple Koludra “Seven! Sirens! To A Lost Archetype” | Transcending Obscurity
    123. Temple ov Perversion “Temple ov Perversion” | Clavis Secretorvm
    124. The Drowning “The Radiant Dark” | Transcending Obscurity
    125. Totengefluster “The Faceless Divine” | Black Lion
    126. Trajeto de Cabra “Supreme Command of Satanic Will” | Iron Bonehead
    127. Traveler “Traveler” | Gates Of Hell
    128. Trench Warfare “Hatred Prayer” | Transcending Obscurity
    129. Trepas “L’heritage du monde” | Sepulchral
    130. Ulvedharr “World Of Chaos” | Scarlet
    131. Ungoliantha “The Howl in the Waste” (PR by Grand Sounds Promotion)
    132. Urn “Iron Will Of Power” | Season of Mist Underground Activists
    133. Usurper “Lords Of The Permafrost” | Soulseller
    134. Vargrav “Reign in Supreme Darkness” | Werewolf
    135. Vastum “Orificial Purge” | 20 Buck Spin
    136. Venereal Baptism “Repugnant Coronation of the Beast” | Osmose
    137. Verthebral “Abysmal Decay” | Transcending Obscurity
    138. Warsenal “Feast Your Eyes” | Svart
    139. Witch Vomit “Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave” | 20 Buck Spin
    140. Witchbones “The Seas of Draugen” | Iron Bonehead


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