Review: AMBERIAN DAWN “Innuendo”

Review: AMBERIAN DAWN “Innuendo”

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amda [800]AMBERIAN DAWN “Innuendo”
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Finland is a magic country and real treasure of talented musicians, which gave the world hundreds of beautiful albums in all specters of metal. Fresh release from sympho metallers Amberian Dawn, pearl called Innuendo, isn’t exclusion.

It seems like there’s almost everything ideal in this album. From the album’s name – catchy for ears; album’s cover with Sun and Moon masks and far sea line in empty eyes, to musical content and album’s stucture.

Amberian Dawn, as always, merges symphonic and neoclassic metal with elements of speed and power. Some pathos moments, so inherent to power, meets up with very technical guitar solos. Choruses are remembered from the first listening and it makes to thing about songs as hits.

“Fame&Gloria”, which is already known to the fans by released video, is opening the album. Next after it are heavy “Ladyhawk” and “Innuendo”. Title song is one of the greatest in an album, and it will sound very good in live.

Earlier I wrote about ideal album’s structure. It’s not just words, because Innuendo structured really distinctly. First track is already known, second and third are heavy. Forth song – “The Court of Mirror Hall” – is also known by lyric-video and according to the band, it’s “one of the softest” songs.

Next one is a brilliant ballad “Angelique”, after which goes again symphonic metal.

“Knock Knocks Who’s There” sounds lighter, close to fairytale. “Symphony nr1, part 1 – The Witchcraft” is real neoclassic, where rhyme and emotions are changing many times in six minutes that lasts the song.

Innuendo ends with “Your Time – My Time”, and it is perfect ending track. Life-asserting ballad, listening to which live (I’m sure) there will be hand-waving, headbanging and many smiles.

That’s it, Innuendo. But it needs to be said about vocals of Paiva “Capri” Vircunnen – it’s really unique, classical and in the same time “metal”. For the 45 minutes of album, Carpi’s voice tells quiet stories but it also risings up to the tops, where it sounds without slowing the tempo, shining like a diamond with all its beauty.

To sums up, Innuendo is a new pearl of sympho and neoclassical metal, which may have all the chances to be classics of a genre one day.

Album was released in October, 23 by Napalm records.

You can get your copy by link:
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