Interview Ereb Altor (By Carla Morton)

Interview Ereb Altor (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Mats (vocals and guitar), about the Scandinavian Metal band, Ereb Altor.
erebaltor2 [800] Hi Mats, how have you been?
Hi, life is going back to normal after our Heathen Blood Tour with Cruachan. Somehow I miss the van and can’t wait until next time.

When was Ereb Altor founded?
Ereb Altor was founded back in 2003 when I and Ragnar decided to breathe life in some old songs we wrote back in the early 90´s. Songs that didn’t really fit under the Isole monicker because of the massive Bathory influence. We recorded the demo “Awakening” in 2003 and that’s where Ereb Altor was born. Although the years passed and we were busy with other things and the world had to wait 5 years for our debut album to be out.

You have released the fifth album this year under the name of ”Nattramn”, tell me about it.
“Nattramn” is a creature from the Swedish folklore. A Nattramn is a raven-like creature often described with big claws and sharp teeth. A Nattramn is either a soul of a dead child which never got baptized or the soul of a sinner that couldn’t find rest. They travel during the nights on their way always from east to west to find the grave of Christ, it’s the only way for them to release their souls from this nightmare. Musically I think that the new album continues in the same vein as “Fire meets Ice”. I would say that “Nattramn” is simply more worked through than its predecessor. The new album leans towards the epic side but with a fierce undertone and the black metal parts are dirtier and more old school compared to our previous works. I strongly believe we have succeeded in our task to caputure and seamlessly unite the epic/Viking hymned atmospheres with primitive Black metal. To make an epic album with fierce cutting edges was my intention and vision when I started to work with the material for “Nattramn”.

Have you got nice reviews about the album?
Yes, especially from Germany. I haven’t read them all but I think this is the album that media have embraced the most.
erebaltor_nattramn [800] Can you tell me aswell a few words about the other Ereb Altor releases?
The first album “By Honour” is mostly built by old material from the 90´s and it is clearly the slowest and most doomy album and it has no harsh vocals at all. The second album “The End” is the one that I planned to be the last album of Ereb Altor but as you see the plan went down the drain. It’s the album that are most inspired by Bathory. It’s also kind of doomy and most of the vocals are clean. The third album “Gastrike” is built by ghost stories and dark legends from the area where I live and there is no norse mythology in this one. It certainly is our most fierce and harsh album and it’s mostly black metal oriented. On the fourth album “Fire Meets Ice”  I think we found our home. We have now developed a rather unique sound and atmosphere where we travel between Epic Viking metal and Black Metal. We simply call our music Scandinavian metal since we carry a Nordic vibe and atmosphere in the music and our lyrics is always connected to our inheritance.

Are there any shows scheluded for this or for the next year?
Yes, we have some festivals and touring plans which I can’t reveal. This is the shows that our official at the moment: Dark Easter Metal Meeting in Munich and Ragnard Rock in France.

There exist any influences for the band?
Our main influences are Bathory and Swedish folk music.

Did you start writing new materials?
Yes, I am always writing music. Nattramn will not be the last album of Ereb Altor, I promise.

A last question, do you have a message for the fans?
Early next year we will have a special release to honour the remembrance of Quorthon. Stay tuned for more news about this on our website or on our official facebook page. And I hope to see you all again next year! Keep the flame alive!

Thank you Mats, all the best to you!

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