Interview Frentrum (By Carla Morton)

Interview Frentrum (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Ant about the Italian one-man band, Frentrum.
Promotional Photo Frentrum Hi Ant and thank you for this interview, how are you?
Hello Carla! It’s all right and thanx to you for this great opportunity!

Frentrum is a one-man band, when did you formed this project?

Everything comes at a time of stalemate. Malanoctem did not take any directions, it was in 2013, so coincidentally, I recover a block notes filled with notes: riffs, lyrics, graphic concepts, all dated from 1996. You must know that in 1996 I had a band. It was formed from elements that came and went, continuously. It lasted until 2004, with constant changes of lineup, gestion problems, misunderstandings of character and much more! These years I have found the entire songs written by me, including lyrics and ideas for the graphic, so in 2013 I decided to resume my old love, the guitar. I also played bass guitar, but the first passion, in 1994, was the guitar. After all I found the time to officially publish those compositions, now nearly 20 years old. Frentrum is a rebirth, not a real start, founded by me in 2013. I had everything in hand, I just had to make it happen.

You have released two EP’s: ”Dalle Profondita” (2014) and ”Caput Mortuum” (2015). What can you tell me about both EP’s?
“Dalle Profondità” comes out for the label “Land Of Fog Records” (Italian Label from Vicenza), it has 4 songs, three taken from the first demo and a one new track, inserted as a ghost-track (with the new drummer Strino). “Dalle Profondità” contains old material, recovered, played and arranged in 2014. It is a work very dark, claustrophobic, full of references to the Norwegian School Black Metal (1991-1993). For lovers of old sounds, old atmospheres, “Dalle Profondità” will throw you into the abyss.
“Caput Mortuum” however, is a recovery, a historical relic. An old tape (I think dating back to 1996 or at most, 1997), was recovered from a dear friend (Massimo C.).
After “Linee di Vette” (Vinyl Split 7″ with Movimento D’Avanguardia Ermetico – May 2015 for Land Of Fog Records).
Then, with the cooperation of “Land Of Fog Records”, I decided to give that material to those who had made the preorder of the new release. Currently, if I get requests it will be physically printed, for now it is just a digital download. A tribute to the supporters of Frentrum. “Caput Mortuum” has the sound of those years, extreme, melodic and dark. Imagine what a surprise to hear those songs 20 years after!
3540378509_logo What are the lyrical themes about?
The lyrics are very personal, sealed in the sense that I was trying to find in my thoughts.
There are various interpretations, all very different and complex. The key is “the listener”.
Everything is devoted to this. Perhaps later, if necessary, I will reveal some details. For now I want to get this thing “secret”. Only mine. The development of lyrics, occurs randomly. As soon as I am inspired, I start to write. But it must be natural,without any constraints.
Everything is built by an idea, the idea is turned into action, action is the voice that accompanies my music. Every single scream, every word, every line, must communicate. As always, for me the lyrics must be excellent and full of quality.

Do you have other plans for Fentrum like releasing a new album?
I wrote a lot of material, a lot of songs. I think for most of an album. Even two, if not three.
But I have to make a careful selection. Certainly there will be a full-length, I think for 2016, not before. Like I said before, I have so many commitments to keep. I have to organize things, schedule them for good. It will surely be a highly atmospheric album, full of paths,
I do not seek technical quality (which flattens everything on time), I do not try to put too much stuff inside, too many riffs or arrangements that change continuously. I want to create feeling between my music and the listener.

Beside Frentrum, you’re taking part into another Black metal band, Orcrist.
Right, Orcrist. I have little to say, I have the honor of being part of a great band.
Historically important, known in Italy and abroad, Orcrist is a guarantee.
I knew Grav (the founder) for many reasons. There is friendship and respect with Grav, we have the same ideas of Black Metal and get along very well on many things. Snake, (guitarist / bassist – already in the lineup with Necroshine – Black Metal from Italy) has produced anexceptional material. Really “old” and obscure, Darkthrone Docet. I started listening to new material and I can say that is fucking great! Probably, without false modesty, the new album will be the best ever produced by Orcrist.

Are there any shows confirmed?
No, no concerts. My idea of Black Metal (with Frentrum) is set in the dark.
No show, no contact between the public and music. I do not mean to bring live what I do.
For now Frentrum will be a studio project, only! I love those who want to hear instead.
Who devotes serious time to what I do and maybe one day, I will return to play concerts.
There must be the occasion, the band fits and the right audience. Never say never.

Do you have something to say for the Frentrum fans?
Thanks to everyone. Thanks for those who support my music, who supports my ideas and those who follow my projects and my releases
Thanks to Fog from Land of Fog Records, his work is impeccable! Excellent Label and Excellent Guy! Well, as always, I know who you are and you know me.
The publicity that comes out is gold! For everyone else, wait! Time to time…

All the best to you Ant and thank you for your time. Cin cin!
Thank you Carla! Every interview, every question, every type of promotion, any interest in what I realized, for me is valuable. Somehow, there is always culture in every aspect of our “arts”. Without art there is no life. I am proud of my origins, I am Italian, this is it! Thanks again, very kind. See you soon!

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