Review: Axel Rudi Pell “Game Of Sins”

Review: Axel Rudi Pell “Game Of Sins”

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ARP_Game_Of_Sins_printAxel Rudi Pell “Game Of Sins”
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Beginning of the year has always commemorated the flow of fresh releases. Also from some legendary artists. Between them  – old good Axel Rudi Pell pleased with his fresh Game of Sins, which was released in January, 15.

It’s always expected something more from the legends. Moreover, something new and of course some masterpiece. And it’s all right, that ARP is 35 years on the stage and this is his sixteenth studio album. You push “Play” expecting some “Broken Heart” or “Earls of Black”.

But, what happens rare, Game of Sins in case of “expecting-reality” don’t disappoint. It’s really good album in all Axel’s best. It’s smooth and mighty hard’n’heavy. Nothing unnecessary. There is some “true heavy” – “Fire” and “Sons In The Night”; epic nine minutes “Game Of Sins”, ballads “Lost In Love” and “Forever Free” and the most interesting – cover for immortal “All Along Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix.

Music of Game Of Sins sometimes sublime, sometimes it’s story-telling. Despite that an album isn’t conceptual, it is seen as a whole. Like a whole history with heroes, that have hard but interesting destiny.

Game Of Sins is one of that releases, which would not be at the tops, but, no doubt, it will be a part in collections of metal classics. It’s all good in it – an expressive vocals of Johnny Gioeli and guitar riffs from Maestro himself, that for several decades don’t leave indifferent fans hearts.

Great start of promising 2016.


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