Review: Serenity “Codex Atlanticus”

Review: Serenity “Codex Atlanticus”

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SERENITY_Cover_300dpi_RGBSerenity “Codex Atlanticus”
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2016 started with a couple interesting albums, especially in power-metal. Among them a new LP from Austrian band Serenity. Fifth album called Codex Atlanticus.

Da Vinci style cover, powerful epic music and recognizable vocals from the first sound. Strictly speaking, that’s exactly one-sentence Codex Atlanticus describe. But there is much more to say about this album, because its originality and versatility.

As real genre pattern Codex Atlanticus starts with two minutes intro and goes with ten tracks of epic choirs, melodic keyboards lines and powerful choruses. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make an impression of an “goes by” album or “one of these”.  Inspired by different styles and performers, Serenity goes to sympho, then going to power-metal, or sometimes it sounds like a real metal-opera. There are hits in an album like “Follow Me”, “Reason” and “Fate of Light”; a ballad “My Final Chapter” and “The Perfect Woman”, that drown inspire in Queen’s music.

There had to be a paragraph about Georg Neuhauser vocals. But, for good or bad, I don’t know, few days before this review, Georg’s facebook post caught in my eye. With all that he thinks about Codex Atlanticus reviews. According to it, one of the main advantages for this album (by reviewers and journalists) is Tobias Sammet’s participation.  And one of the flaws are “too clean” vocals by Neuhauser himself. However, there is no participation of Edguy and Avantasia’s front man in new Serenity’s creature, but comments about vocals evoked in George righteous indignation.

If try to sort out in this situation, it needs to be said that there were some invited vocalists at Codex Atlanticus. Also with the first listening to “Spirit In the Flesh”, Sammet’s voice can be heard. Nevertheless, with one more listening it’s understandable, that there was a mistake. Maybe if the list of invited vocalists will be attached to press-kit, such misunderstandings can be avoided. Or, who knows, maybe it’s circumspect PR move.

About “too clean” vocals. First of all it often one of the components for “classic power-metal”. Secondly, there are no “too clean” vocal. As there isn’t “too much” fans. Neuhauser’s voice brings power, clarity and light. And his charisma makes Serenity’s videos much more interesting for watching.

Back to Codex Atlanticus: fifth album from Serenity came out as good, qualitative music production. Which is worthy to be ordered as physical copy. Time will tell if it will become the top of Serenity. Anyway, this album undoubtedly is worthy of attention, as music critics, and also numerous listeners.



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