{brief album review} Abomination (Chicago) – Abomination (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} Abomination (Chicago) – Abomination (by Robert Lombardo)

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abominationlpAbomination (Chicago)
Abomination LP
Release: 16 September 2016

Classical albums Vinyl collectors will get real gift from Doomentia records on September, 16th!

Who does not know about this band? I’m not sure, maybe some really young fans here? There are alot of bands with the same title, but the only one included Paul Speckmann of Master, Death Strike etc.

Old headbangers know this album very well, so they do not need to have some “album description”, but I’ll write to those who had never heard this album. What do you think Paul could play back in 1990? Of course some kind of obscure metal, and this LP comes with death-thrash metal, typical for those times, obscure, massive and full of hatred. Nine songs, pure old-school death-thrash metal, catching, deeply dark and headbanging.

If you collect LPs, then you must get this piece of metal history!

I recommend this stuff for those who do not have it on shelf still!

Cheers from France! / Rob

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