{brief album review} Abomination (Chicago) – Tragedy Strikes (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} Abomination (Chicago) – Tragedy Strikes (by Robert Lombardo)

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abomination2Abomination (Chicago)
Tragedy Strikes LP
Release: 16 September 2016

And the next cult album re-issue for all the collectors of metal history!

Second and the last album from Paul Speckmann‘s Abomination! Album was released one year after self-titled album was released. And the difference between the first one and the second one is mainly sound, which is more loud than debut. Musically there is the same old-school death-thrash metal, with massive dark atmosphere.

The same tight rhythm-section, shredding guitars, measured drumming and killing guitar solos.

I’m sure you can’t have just one of Abomination‘s two albums, but you must have definitely both of them; also you must say “thanks alot” to Doomentia records for this opportunity! Death metal forever!

Cheers from France! / Rob

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